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  • SOFT CARBON Hoods for Dura ace 7900 STI Brakelevers
    NEW !!

Soft Carbon hoods for Dura ace 7900 STI Soft hoods only for Shimano Dura ace 7900 STIBrake levers. Carbon or glasfibre with siliconrubber
Wight 23g a pair
Available c
olors: white, black, grey, yellow, red, blue, orange, green.

Price 39.- €
each pair


Hoods for Campy and Sram- Brakelevers
Carbon or glass fibre with siliconrubber. Avileble for Sram and Campy levers.
Easiliy to mount like the Original ones
Colors: black, grey, red, blue, green, other colors on request.

Price 39.- €
each pair

    Hoods Campy

Soft carbon hoods Campy 11 sp.
CFits all campa 11 sp ergolevers.
Available c
olors: white, black, grey, yellow, red, blue, orange, green.

Price 39.- €
each pair

  • CARBONFIBRE Jockey Wheels

Carbon Fibre Rear Derailleur Jockey Wheels
With Industrial-Quality Bearings and Aluminium Washers.
Teeth: 10
Weight: 8g set, with washers.

Price 79.- €
jockey wheels with washers

  • CARBON Hanger Plate
    for Road

Trek Carbon Fibre Front Derailleur Hanger
Carbon Fibre Front Derailleur Hanger for Trek Road Framesets.
Weight: 4g set, with bolts.
Weight Saving: 12g!

Price 29.- €

  • Anti-Schleck device
    NEW !!


Anti-Schleck device
For all how dont´t want to lose a race like a famous pro.

Weight: 3g , made from carbonfibre.

Price 19.- €

    Downtube Shifter

Carbon Fibre Downtube Shifter
Front and Rear Derailleur Compatible. Non-Indexed.
Shift like Lance Armstrong!
Weight: 3.6g each.
Saving: More than 70g!

Price 29.- €

  • THM Clavicula Crankset

THM-Carbones Clavicula Crankset System
Complete Crankset System including Crank Arms, Integrated Carbon Fibre Axle and Bottom Bracket. Extremely stiff, beautiful and the lightest three-piece Crankset in the World! Bottom Bracket: 68mm ENG/BSA. Chainline: 43.5mm. Q-Factor: 151mm. Lengths Available: 172.5 and 175mm. Weight: 420g (172.5mm).

Price on request
without chainrings
delivery 8 weeks

  • MYTHIC Carboncranks

    NEW !!

MYTHIC Carboncranks
Carbon crankset in classic design
Weight ca. 282g, Q-factor 140-142mm
Available as Issis or square tager axle, (Iso) 170, 172,5 and 175mm lenght, 130 shimano or 110mm compact and 4 arm xtr for MTB

Price 485.- €

  • Adjustable screws
    the pair

Cable Adjustment Barrels
For Framesets without Headtube or Downtube Cable Adjustment Barrels. Attach at either end of Shifter/Brake Lever or Frameset. Easily adjustable whilst riding. Suitable for Framesets such as Scott CR1, Giant TCR or Trek Madone.

Price 15.- €

  • CLAMB`S for
    Ergopower brake levers

Ergopower, STI & SRAM Clamps
Carbon Fibre Handlebar Clamps for Campagnolo Ergopower, Shimano STI & SRAM Shifters.
Weight: 10g pair

Price 49.- €

    Aluminum plates for Speedplay pedals

Speedplay Aluminium Plates
Aluminium Plates for Speedplay X-Series Pedals.
Save 24g with Aluminium Plates and Aluminium Bolts!

Price 55.- €
now also for Zero series available

  • DERAILLEUR 53,5g
    Campa 10f /04

Tuned Campagnolo Record Front Derailleur
Weight: 53,5g
Weight Saving: 17,5g!
Packaged with all Original Parts.

Price 149.- €

    NEW !!


35g front derailleur comple carbon
Front derailleur complet made in carbonfibre
- with alloy screws 35g
- with carbon sctews 33g

Price 300.- €
alloy screws

Price 330.- €



Send your own Front Derailleur to B-T-P for Tuning.

Price 40.- €

  • Frontderailleur clamp 34,9mm
    NEW !!


Frontderailleur clamp 34,9mm
New frontderailleur clamb for 34,9mm seattubes.
Weight: 4.5g, made from carbonfibre.

Availble with UD finish, 1k, 3k, 6k, or UD Silver.

Price 69.- €

  • ARAMID front derailleur Clamb
    NEW !!


Aramid Front Derailleur Braze-On Clamp

costum made available from 25-40mm dimater.
z.b. Weight: 6g (38.8mm).

Price 59.- €

  • Carbon
    front derailleur Clamb


Carbon-frontderailleur clamb for Lightspeed Ghisallo and Vortex Frames.

Weight 9g

Price 69.- €

  • Power Cordz
    Brake and Shifter Cables

Power Cordz Brake and Shifter Inner Cableset
Brake and Shifter Inner Cableset from Teflon-Coated PBO Fibres, produced by IO-DuPont.
Colors Available: Yellow and Black.Weight (2 Cables, 1.7m): 7.5g Shifter, 10.1g Brake

Price 35.- €
each set
now with Nokon compatibly

  • Power Cordz
    alloy bolt for
    NEW !!

Powercordz alloy bolt for ax-brakes
Aluminium bolt for fixing powercordz with AX-lightness Brakes Weight each bolt 2,9g

Price 12.- €
each bolt


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